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Audiovisual Technician

Audiovisual Technician

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As an apprentice with AIM Qualification & Assessment Group, you will have access to our Association of Apprentices page.

Our membership with the Association unlocks the following membership services for AIM apprentices, including: 

  • Community – where like-minded and diverse groups of apprentices from across the UK come together to connect with their peers and share best practice and advice via a bespoke social networking platform.  
  • Personal development – via a skills platform with access to resources to help increase your apprentice’s employability, knowledge, and soft skills through free eLearning modules such as building confidence, business communication, Excel and presentation skills.  
  • Live events – such as masterclasses, talks from industry experts and member networking events.  
  • News – including the latest developments from the industry. 

To unlock access to all the above membership services, you simply need to sign up here. It is completely free of charge and your account will be linked directly with us. 

To ensure the smooth running of your End-Point Assessment, a member of our Delivery Team will make sure you have the date and time of your assessments within plenty of time by sending you a confirmation email, this will also include the deadline of submission for your project. It is imperative that you submit by your deadline date and time, failure to do so will result in this being graded as a Fail and your assessment day will be cancelled.  

On top of this, you will also receive a calendar invitation for your assessment date which will include a link to your assessment and a picture and short bio of who your assessor is. 

Once your assessment day has taken place, we aim to release your results within 15 working days. 

Once you have received your results, if you wish to receive further information then you can follow the Results and Appeals policy.

We claim your certificate from the ESFA and will request for it to be sent to your employer’s address. This is the address we are given by your training provider, so it is important that if there is a change of address you let us, and your training provider know so this can be updated. If you would prefer for your certificate to be sent to you directly, please send your address to assessment@aimgroup.org.uk.